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USER ID:To help protect your privacy, Lakeland Community College has assigned a Lakeland I.D. number (LID) to you. This number is a different number than your social security number and will be yours forever. >> More Info
PIN:Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is created at the same time as your LID. If this is your first login, your PIN will be your birthdate [mmddyy]. After your first login, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Remember your new PIN -- it is your birthdate the first time you enter, ONLY. >> More Info

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If you are having difficulty logging in to LakelandOnline, please check the browser requirements before calling Lakeland's Help Desk.
Admissions Office
For questions about applying for admissions or checking the status of your application, contact the Admissions Office.
Registrar's Office
For questions about adding or dropping classes, checking seat availability in a class, getting an unofficial transcript, seeing your grades, or reviewing account charges and balance information, contact the Registrar's Office.
Payroll Office
For questions about payroll, contact the Payroll Office.
Alumni Office
For questions about alumni activities, contact the Alumni Office.

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